I launched a consulting practice in March 2012 to build on twenty years of experience addressing issues in education, workforce development and community development.  I seek out consulting projects that let me approach challenges from many vantage points, so that my work in one area may benefit my work in another and contribute to lasting change.

My planning, fundraising and program development services support the missions of non-profits, educational institutions, foundations and public agencies. I have particular interest and specialization in educational and workforce development strategies that help lower-skilled youth and adults advance in their careers.  I also take on projects that address needs in refugee and immigrant communities and related to asset development, health and health care access. I am a skilled listener, facilitator, researcher, writer, problem-solver and designer of innovative programs. I approach each project with passion, creativity and an open mind.  It is important to me to build relationships that allow me to understand people, organizations, and values.  I see the richness in diverse viewpoints and approaches; I explore different vantage points before arriving at clarity. I look forward to working with you.